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The opinions that really matter.

We’ve spent the past twenty years expertly matching career and job seekers to the many excellent businesses on the Northern Beaches; and we think we do a pretty good job.

But don’t take our word for it. Find out what some of our clients and candidates have to say about us here.

Click for more info Mike Harman - CEO Inline Systems Pty Ltd
“INLINE Systems is located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and we have been using DCL Recruitment for over 12 years to fill a number of staffing positions. Company policy is to source local staff wherever possible and the team at DCL have always managed to find the best people to fit our company culture. Recruitment services can be very expensive but we have always been very happy with the DCL rates and with the services provided. With a strength in administrative placements, we have challenged the DCL team over the years to fill a variety of unusual roles including technical & engineering positions, sales staff, product specialists, regulatory roles and marketing positions. We have also used their temp services on many occasions to fill roles while staff were away on long service leave or maternity leave. DCL are a professional, well priced recruitment option for any company on the Northern Beaches and I can highly recommend their friendly and energetic team.”
Click for more info Robyn Peters  - Human Resources Manager  - Harrison Manufacturing
"Harrison Manufacturing has had a long and successful association with DCL. The teams ability to identify excellent candidates for permanent roles, coupled with professional candidate management have been key in our decision to use utilise their services to fulfill our recruitment requirements.  When it comes to needing temp staff, they manage the process efficiently and keep staff safety as a priority; both of which are important factors in meeting our business needs."
Click for more info Ivana Cooper - Regional HR Specialist - Insight 
“Insight have utilised the services of DCL for over the last 10 years, for both temporary and permanent staff.  During this time we have found the DCL team to be highly efficient, effective and fully engaged.
The team provide prompt a response to our business needs and regularly source suitable candidates that culturally fit and typically remain with the business for a number of years”
Click for more info Sharon Vance  - HR Business Partner - Ricoh Australia 
I have worked with DCL for a period of about 10 years with various employers. I have found on all occasions that DCL carefully select their applicants to meet your technical, cultural and personality requirements.  Dependent upon the organisation they adapt their selection processes accordingly ensuring their shortlisted temps and full timers are best fit. During urgent assignments they communicate honestly about how they are progressing which is refreshing. I have been in this business for a while and all in all they are one of the best. 

DCL regularly did other little things to support our business that other agencies could not be bothered to or would want to charge extra for. This is because DCL are happy to provide the full customer service experience.
Click for more info Paul Cashmore - MD - Staedtler Pacific.
“Over what is now a period of 20 years , DCL Recruitment have been our company’s exclusive source for staff recruitment in our Northern Beaches based Australian Head Office. At all times the staff at DCL have displayed an extremely professional yet very friendly approach whilst always providing high calibre candidates that are suitable for the positions available, a testament to DCL being that many of these candidates remain long term employees to this day .

I would strongly recommend DCL Recruitment  to any business looking for a recruitment company that will listen to the needs of the employer so to ensure the vacancy that exists is ultimately filled by the right person.”
Click for more info ProGroup Management 
“ProGroup Management has been using DCL recruitment for over 4 years to source permanent and temporary staff for our business which is located in Macquarie Park. I have always found the staff and Management at DCL to be very courteous and proficient in their selection process as they understand our business and our needs.

Our requirement for temporary Administration staff is most times urgent and DCL have been able to assist with the placement of the right person with the skills we require in the timeframe we have needed. The candidates they have chosen for us to interview for permanent vacancies have been of a high quality and we know that due to their rigorous selection process we will be left with a difficult choice to select one.

I can recommend their service to other employers with a need for temporary or permanent staff.
Click for more info
I have known the team at DCL for many many years now, both from a client perspective and also as a job seeker. They are hardworking and fun, great at what they do, and always there to help.
I couldn’t recommend them any more strongly.

Jo, DCL Candidate

I travel a lot and DCL have been excellent when it comes to supporting my need for flexible work arrangements for more than a year now. They have a great local network of clients and have always been extremely efficient in finding me well paid work that fits my skill set. The staff are all friendly and professional and the payroll is on time, every time.

James, DCL Candidate
I have been temping with DCL for about 5 years and during this time have been employed at just two companies long term. The DCL girls are always friendly and great to deal with. They have matched me with these two jobs very well and I have built some great relationships and learnt a lot.  It was not my original plan to temp for so long but the flexibility of temping is very attractive. I was keen to do long term assignments, not change places all the time and the girls understood what I wanted and helped me achieve it.  I am a very happy temp in a great long term job and I would highly recommend DCL as an Agency.  

Belinda, DCL Candidate
I have known the team at DCL on the Northern Beaches for over 15 years.  In this time they have placed me in both permanent and temporary positions.  My experience with them has been outstanding.  The staff are always very friendly, professional and helpful.  They do their utmost in placing me in suitable work in no time at all.  Their continued support is only a phone call away and nothing is ever too much trouble.  Thanks very much DCL for all your effort.

Saskia, DCL Candidate
I pick up the phone and hear the cheery greeting, "Hi Debbie, would you like some work?" This could be a spontaneous day or two or a block of time in the future. I can say yes or no depending on my personal plans without feeling under any obligation or undervalued in any way. It's great! D.C.L. know where to send me. The people I work with are always respectful. When I go to work it's a pleasure. I look forward to going and enjoy myself in in a professional environment. And I get paid! I'm a happy chappy and I hope the clients are too. Thanks team!

Debbie, DCL Candidate
I had a fantastic experience dealing with everyone at DCL Recruitment. It was such a fast and friendly process and I would definitely recommend them to everyone, and use them in the future. 

Liz, DCL Candidate
I have been temping with DCL for about 12 months and have always found the staff to be very friendly and professional.  In that time I have worked with great local clients on both short and long term placements. All the clients have been very supportive of myself as a temp and I believe the friendly and professional approach of DCL staff has attracted the same in their clients. I would highly recommend DCL as an agency and would like to thank them for all their support.

Kathryn, DCL Candidate
I have been with DCL Recruitment on and off for the past 8 years. They have been incredibly supportive and really do have your best interests at heart. They have matched me with many interesting assignments over this time, including one which span across 5 years! They are helpful, friendly and listen to your requirements. The best thing about temping is the flexibility and the variety of work you come across. I would highly recommend DCL as the first point of call for Temps and Businesses alike!

Moe, DCL Candidate
I have had the pleasure of working closely with the ladies at DCL for a number of years now. DCL has been instrumental in helping me find many new and interesting roles. By far the best agency I have ever worked for. Great professionalism and highly committed to finding the right role for me. A very pleasant experience all round. I am very happy to recommend the services offered by DCL and would like to thank everyone at DCL for the support they have offered me over the years.

Shellie, DCL Candidate
When I started looking to get a new job, I met a few agencies and I can easily say DCL was the right one. Reason being because I was looking for the right job, not just any job and DCL opened that door for me. Helen straight away understood my situation and what kind of job I was looking for and as soon as the opportunity came along she contacted me. I'm so grateful for having found Helen. She's always so thoughtful and kind. It was an easy first interview and she was able to find me such a great opportunity with the right company as well. Now when I go to work is always a pleasure. Thank you so much DCL for all the help and continuous support.

Daniele, DCL Candidate 
I would highly recommend DCL to anyone needing help in finding short term or long term job placement. The staff have a warm and friendly approach and I’m continually pleased with their professional service and support over the years. They are a pleasure to work with!

Kellie, DCL Candidate
DCL have consistently come up with great temp assignments and have been my go-to for work for over 6 years. A couple of short-term roles they placed me in have turned into longer term; the last being a 6month role that became 18 months and is now permanent! Thank you DCL for being cheery souls at the end of the phone or email.  You are professional, genuine and never cease to amaze me with your memory about the skills I possess and my personal life.

Amy, DCL Candidate
I have been with DCL for just over 2 years and in this time I have been in  2 long term contracts and many short contracts.  I am a working mum and the ladies at DCL always make sure that my contracts are school hours, part time or manageable with having children, they are very considerate of this. All the ladies are polite, helpful, professional and flexible with my needs, and always match me with contracts that are suitable to my experiences.  DCL will always call and check to see if I am interested in a role, they are very good at sharing the information across both the temp and permanent desks, so all the ladies know of me and about my requirements. My salary is always paid on time and weekly without any problems or delays.  I thoroughly enjoy working for DCL and have met some great friends from various temp roles.  Each company that I have been placed with has always been a great place to work with friendly humble people.

Ruth, DCL Candidate 
DCL was the first agency I approached on the Northern Beaches.  I had an interview which was professional and thorough and found DCL to be helpful and insightful.  I am now happily working with a company which I love which makes going to work each day a joy.  DCL took their time to understand what I was after, thus ensuring a good fit for all involved.  I would definitely recommend them and should it be necessary use them again in the future.  Thank you to the DCL team!

Nicola, DCL Candidate

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