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You’re confident, fully prepared and perfectly qualified. Now it’s time to shine.

Interview structures vary and you may have to attend more than one. So here are a few general tips to get you over the final hurdle(s) and in to your dream job:
           Switch off your mobile.

Remember your preparation, questions, and answers to questions. Click here if you need to remind yourself. 

Stay cool, calm and confident. Remember you’ve made it this far so they’re definitely interested in you. 

Smile! It shows you’re enjoying the interview and leaves the impression you have a warm and positive personality.

Make eye contact for two to four seconds at a time. Less can appear shifty. More can be a little intense. 

Make sure your posture and body language are giving the right impression about your attitude. 

Pause and think before you respond to questions and ask for clarification on any points you don't understand.

Speak clearly and concisely and project your voice. 

Use the interviewer’s name as it shows you care about them as well as the company and the job you’re applying for.

Finish by thanking the interviewer and letting them know you are interested in the position and that you look forward to hearing from them.

Good luck!  Make sure you let us know how it went.
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