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The Right Team Fit  - Top 7 Qualities of a Successful Team

Description of photo herePosted By: Rachelle Sinfield Date: May 2018

(Sourced from: https://theundercoverrecruiter.com/qualities-successful-work-team/
strong team are the foundation of high-performing business and a good team ethic can be held largely accountable for the success and smooth running of the organisation. If employees do not gel and work well together, problems can arise, such as poor organisation, missed deadlines and conflict within the workplace.
So what can teams do to ensure that they are collectively productive and drive the company forward? Here are a few qualities that a successful team possess
  Written by: Sophie Dearing @ Link Humans)

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Important Task to do this Summer Holiday 

Description of photo herePosted By: Amanda Thomas Date: December 2017

The thought of adding one more thing to your already hectic December schedule, may sound crazy but hear me out. If you are thinking about a new role in the New Year, now is the time to get your resume up to date. 

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    Losing the right candidate in the hiring process?

Description of photo herePosted By: Rachelle Sinfield Date: September 2017

We’re often hearing clients’ frustrations when searching for that hard to find talent only to lose them in the recruitment process. This of course can come down to many factors and often on the candidate side – not the right role possibly, location too far, too many job options (particularly for the more sought after people in the market) the list goes on.

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    Should I leave without another role?

Description of photo herePosted By: Rachelle Sinfield Date: May 2017

This is a conversation we frequently have with candidates confused as to whether they put time and energy into being able to interview and search for work without having to juggle this with the demands of their current job? There is sometimes guilt associated with looking for other work when often the reason for leaving is not a reflection on their current employer. Whatever the reason may be there are several things to be considered.

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    Temp of the Quarter

Description of photo here
Posted By: Amanda Thomas Date: April 2017

We are excited to announce our Temp for this Quarter and introduce you to Saskia van Schie.

Saskia has been temping with DCL for many years and we constantly receive positive feedback on her work, ability to fit with the team and her overall reliability and consistency. She is a star temp and we are so happy to have her a part of our team!

Thanks Saskia for being such a lovely person and this award is so well deserved! Enjoy your Westfield Shopping voucher 

    Resume Tips

Description of photo here
Posted By: Amanda Thomas Date: March 2017

What to include on a resume is always an interesting discussion, as there will always be personal preferences, but after 13 years in the industry, I have a few basic tips to help get your resume in the ‘yes’ pile from a recruiters perspective

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Tips for Career Success

Description of photo here
Posted By: Fiona Behan Date: January 2017

Life is too short to be wishing you were doing something different. Before embarking on a new career put some thought into it. Consider your values, personality and passions and whether they align with your potential career choice. Find out what to expect in the day in the life of… and imagine if you would enjoy this path. For instance, if you are outgoing and social perhaps you wouldn’t be happy in a role with minimal people contact.   

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    Temps of the Quarter

Description of photo here
Posted By: Helen Rhodes Date: November 2016

A big thank you to our wonderful temp team at Ricoh.  We have 4 amazing long term temps who we have consistently received positive feedback not only on their work but on their team fit and tenacity on getting the job done.  Thanks for all your hard work and happy shopping at Westfields with your vouchers!!!

    Bouncing Back after Rejection

Description of photo here
Posted By: Rachelle Sinfield Date: October 2016

No one likes to be rejected and particularly after bearing your ‘work’ soul in the often gruelling job search process. You get so close only to hear after the 3rd interview round that someone was a closer fit for the role and you are back to the drawing board. We know it’s often competitive out there with many people vying for the same job. Here are a few tips on how to overcome rejection and stay on top of it:

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    The Best Questions to ask at the end of the interview

Description of photo here
Posted By: Hillary Burrows Date: September 2016
The interview is wrapping up and now the tables have turned and it is your chance to ask the questions.  It is best to have a few questions in the back of your mind before you go in for an interview.  It shows the perspective Employer that you prepared for the interview and you have a real interest in the role and company.  Here are some great examples of questions you can ask the Interviewer: 

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    Cover Letters - Making them count

Description of photo here
Posted By: Amanda Thomas  Date: August 2016
We are often asked about cover letters and if they are needed when applying for jobs. For me personally, I don’t need to see an official cover letter especially if an application is coming in via email. A well written, informative email can serve just as well (if not better) than an official uninformative attachment titled ‘cover letter’. But don't forget, if an application has asked for a cover letter, be sure to include it! 

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    Temp of the Quarter

Description of photo here
Posted By: Amanda Thomas  Date: August 2016
We are thrilled to announce 2 'Temp Of The Quarter' awards to Stephanie Du Plessis & Jasmina Savic.  

Stephanie is one of our A++ temps who has been temping with us for around 6 years. The client feedback we receive about her is always outstanding. They comment on how Stephanie goes the extra mile, takes on extra tasks, has exceptional organisational skills and how she is a delight to work with. Thank for you Stephanie for all your hard work!  

Jasmina is another one of our star candidates who has been temping with us on and off for 4 years. Jasmina is very accomodationg and always happy to help even at short notice. She is multi skilled, which mean placing her a breeze and our clients talk of her warm and friendly nature. Thanks you Jasmina a pleasure to work with, keep up the good work! 

Thank you very much for being outstanding ambassadors for DCL Recruitment. Happy Shopping!

    Are quick moves on resumes perceived negatively?

Description of photo here
Posted By: Fiona Behan  Date: July 2016
Many quick moves on your resume can make potential employers who are looking for longevity in their next recruit nervous.

Perceptions of hiring managers can be affected by their own length of service, particularly if they are in a stable industry less affected by market changes. They may feel that moving one or two jobs in the last 3 years is a warning you will lack commitment. But is it?

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    New Year, New Job 

Description of photo here
Posted By: Rachelle Sinfield Date: February 2016
We know it can be tiring and challenging to say the least when you are out there searching and interviewing like mad to find that New Job! From where we sit, we are privy to the pit falls and frustrations that may occur from time to time from a candidate and clients perspective in the often complex recruitment and job hunting process. Here are 3 of the top frustrations we see and how to avoid them.
1.Be clear on your expectations and plans. There is nothing worse than being offered a job only to turn it down because you can’t work the specified hours or you have a 6 week holiday planned in the next 2 months! Yes this really happens. Equally to be told by a client once you have accepted a role that you will be expected to travel or work on weekends without prior knowledge can be a real deal breaker.
2. Be sure to ask questions in the interview. We’re often asked by candidates just what are they are allowed to ask a potential employer at interview.  There are no hard and fast rules here, however we do believe this is your time to interview your potential employer so to speak. We spend so much time at work so we understand how important it is to make sure it is the right working environment, culture, your values are aligned – the list may go on. So please don’t feel you can’t express and enquire about what you find important. And it is never a problem to show them you are keen on the job! Often this can be the differentiator on who gets the job if candidates are equal on all other grounds.
3. Stay positive and focussed. As we mentioned earlier, job searching is hard work. It can take many interviews, phone calls, and lots of searching to find that right role. However, staying positive is key. A frustrated or negative tone isn’t how you want to be perceived so go in with your A game and remember you could have exactly what they’re after! And if at all possible, try to remain in your job until you find another suitable one as the job interview process can be a waiting game! Try not to take it personally in an often competitive market, the right role is out there!
Good Luck!!! 
    Interviewing with the Client
Description of photo here
Posted By: Rachelle Sinfield  Date: October 2015
We are often asked “How do I prepare for my interview with the client?”
Its great news when you secure an interview with the client, but that’s just the start, now for the preparation to ensure you put your best foot forward. Below are our top tips to achieve this! 
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    Temp of the Quarter - Faramarz Safari

Description of photo here
Posted By: Helen Rhodes  Date: June 2015
We awarded Faramarz with a voucher from Westfield for his exceptional efforts!!
Faramarz Safari has been temping with DCL since November 2013 we have consistently received excellent feedback on his performance from his manager
“Faramarz is working in our Kanban area, the majority of his work is in inventory check and supply of parts to the assembly section.  He has been taught to run the inventory cycle count program which he is running very successfully” his efforts have not gone unnoticed and he is an asset to the team.
Thank your Faramarz for all your hard work!!!


    Temp of the Quarter - Sandeep Dhiman

Description of photo here
Posted By: Helen Rhodes  Date: June 2015

We awarded Sandeep with a voucher from Westfield for his outstanding efforts!!
Sandeep Dhiman has been temping with DCL since February 2015 and the feedback we have received from his manager has been outstanding.
“Sandeep shows tremendous interest in learning and taking on extra responsibilities.  He was taught how to operate one of the Hinge Assembly Automated machines and he quickly and successfully mastered this process.  He actively gives a hand to Team Leader in setting up lines and other daily tasks.”  He is an asset to the team.
Thank your Sandeep for all your hard work!!!



    Helens Coastrek 2015

Description of photo here
Posted By: Helen Rhodes  Date: April 2015

When friends called to see if I was interested in joining their Coastrek team raising funds for The Fred Hollows Foundation I thought what a great idea…   55kms was just a number…right!!!  What an amazing experience I let myself into.
The event is run in March each year and this was September of the year before.  Each team needs four participants and the Coastrek is organised by ‘Wild Women On Top’.  In the months preceding the trek we did many training walks one of the last being 35kms on a 38 degree day… I knew then that I was now not just physically but mentally ready.  This training walk was a killer.
I added to my wardrobe poles, head lamp and gaiters.  These items which initially I though looked pretty silly proved to be invaluable on the trek. 
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    What to Expect when you interview at DCL Recruitment

Description of photo here

Posted By: Amanda Thomas  Date: March 2015


We are often asked about the processes involved in registering with our agency and “what do I need to bring”. I thought I would give a general overview of the processes to make things easier for all our new candidates.
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Description of photo here     Temp of the Quarter - Anita Ovenell
Posted By: Helen Rhodes   Date: December 2014

We awarded Anita with a voucher from Westfield for her outstanding efforts!!
Anita Ovenell has been temping with DCL since May 2013, the majority of this time has been with the same client and we have heard nothing but praise for her efforts. 
The feedback we have received is that ‘Anita is BRILLIANT!!!”……  “She has been an absolutely amazing addition to our team and we could not do without her, she has taken on extra responsibility and is a pleasure to work with”. 

Thank you Anita for all your hard work!


Jan Dickinson - Temp of the Quarter   5 Tips for Finding an Amazing Career
Posted By: Fiona Behan   Date: September 2014 

5 Tips for finding an amazing career:
Finding an amazing career takes some effort for most people. What is amazing for one person may not necessarily be amazing for you. You hear about those that just landed in something they love, and that can and does happen, but here are 5 tips to increase your chances of being truly happy at work.
  1. Your happiness at work is generally reliant on you taking the time to consider your work related values, personality and aptitudes and deciding what is important to you. Don’t make the mistake of limiting your attention to only one of these variables in making your career decision.
Which of these values are important to you? Try rating these values on a scale for 1 to 10? 

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Jan Dickinson - Temp of the Quarter   Behavioural Interviewing
Posted By: Hillary Burrows   Date: July 2014 

DCL is often asked by candidates:  How should I prepare for a Behavioural Based interview?
There is nothing to fear about this style of interviewing as long as you are prepared. Behavioural interviewing is based on finding out how you behaved in the past in particular situations together with uncovering specific skill sets that are needed to succeed in a role.  They can include questions surrounding your knowledge, skills, abilities and personal traits and the answers provided can be matched to specific role requirements, for example, team fit/company culture. It is these behaviour traits and the skills the interviewer is seeking rather than ‘correct’ answers. 

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Jan Dickinson - Temp of the Quarter   Market Update
Posted By: Rachelle Sinfield   Date: June 2014 

On the Northern Beaches we are seeing a promise of busy times ahead with sporadic flurries of activity particularly in the service and finance areas with clients looking for specific skills and experience. However, we are also still witnessing organisations letting people go with the lack of new roles being created. So all in all, still fairly inconsistent times. To combat the competition for jobs, we are recommending a review on how you are approaching the job market and encouraging you to put your best foot forward. 

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Finish Line Mothers Day Classic   Mothers Day Classic 
Posted By: Rachelle Sinfield   Date: May 2014 

DCL decided to do a fun and team building exercise by entering ourselves (and a couple of our family members) in the Mothers Day Classic 4 km fun run. What a fabulous cause and a fantastic day with family and friends.  Happy Mothers Day to all the hardworking mums out there! 
Jan Dickinson - Temp of the Quarter   Giving Back
Posted By: Amanda Thomas   Date: April 2014 

Late last year I had the pleasure of attending my first volunteer styling session for Dress for Success. Dress for Success is a not for profit organization who supply corporate suits and outfits to disadvantaged women.  Outfits are donated and women are referred for a 1 hour session and are able to take home complete work outfits suitable for their industry and personality, free of charge. This was a powerful and rewarding day, watching and helping women be styled for a job interviews or work experience. 

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Jan Dickinson - Temp of the Quarter   DCL Temp of the Quarter
Posted By: Helen Rhodes   Date: January to March 2014

We awarded Jan with a voucher from Westfield for her great efforts – well done Jan!

Jan Dickinson has been temping with DCL since 2011. Over this time she has held a number of both short and longer term assignments.

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Happy New Year from DCL Recruitment   HAPPY NEW YEAR & GETTING BACK TO BASICS
Posted By: Amanda Thomas   Date: January 2014

Happy New Year! 

I have been the lucky consultant tasked with writing the DCL Blog (apparently I am the most tech savvy person in the team?). I thought a good topic to start with would be 'getting back to basics'.    

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