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Posted by:  Rachelle Sinfield  Date:  June 2020  

What does going back to work look like for you?
As lockdown regulations are lifted and businesses embark on a return to ‘business as usual’ we are hearing how different this can look.
For most ‘business as usual’ has changed. Now with the successes of working from home and the benefits for both organisations and their staff will ‘business as usual’ ever look the same? 
Northern Beaches being home to many SME’s transitioning back to work with for some has meant small adjustments. Due to their smaller staff numbers and workplaces, ensuring health and safety requirements have been met has been less cumbersome. Possibly already flexible working arrangements has meant nimbleness in these times too.  Description of photo here
For larger businesses we’re seeing staggered returns with alternate days in the office and home; or departments requiring more interaction returning first. Many have been working less hours and days where downturns have occurred meaning team dynamics have changed.
For some, returning to work has created some understandable anxiety, either for health reasons, vast changes to jobs or just having preferred working in isolation. For others it may have been the opposite where working in isolation has left them feeling cut off. Return has been welcomed for those who benefit from a shared working environment where more interaction is required.
This huge time of change has definitely created uncertainty, anxiety and unwanted changes. However, we’re quietly confident that the resilience, adaptability and creativity of so many during this pandemic has paved the way for positive change to ‘business as usual’ too!         

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